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baggage-handliing-systemsAlaska Airlines, and its baggage handling contractor, Menzies Aviation, has been fined what could amount to $62,000 for breaches of industry regulations for the handling of passenger baggage.

Inspectors have reported 16 violations, 12 of which they deem as serious, including failure to provide adequate safeguards for baggage handling personnel at Sea-Tac International Airport.

Other violations include failure to inspect baggage trailers and trucks, which often report issues such as failed brake lights and inadequately service steering systems.

As airports move into automation for baggage handling, many of the issues and violations could be avoided, particularly as Menzies Aviation have attempted to let employees take the blame with allegations of misconduct.

An appeal is expected to be raised against the fines. The ongoing proceedings, and the outcome will not affect passengers, the company insists.

aviation_expressdropNarita International Airport has renewed and expanded a contract with Rockwell Collins for the deployment of ARINC Common Use and Self-Service Passenger Processing systems in Terminals 2 and 3.

Passengers will be able to check-in faster, which will be of enormous benefit to the airport, being Japan’s second busiest with more than 35 million passengers passing through every year.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC airport systems offer a wide range of solutions for airports of all sizes, including offsite baggage check-in options with ARINC ExpressDrop.

Other Leading Baggage Systems ProvidersIt has been announced that London Heathrow Airport has awarded its portfolio of baggage handling systems projects to Beumer Group UK via the main contractor, Balfour Beatty.

The baggage handling systems projects will consist of the installation and integration of more than 30 standard baggage screening machines, the installation of a new tilt-tray baggage sorter and the major asset replacement of the baggage handling control systems in Terminals 1 and 4.

Following multiple phases, the huge projects will take place throughout the duration of the so-entitled Q6 projects at Heathrow. Beumer Group was selected via a tender process and will ensure that no disruption to the current baggage handling systems is caused while the new systems and integration processes are taking place.

Baggage Handling Systems ProvidersDuring the Dubai Airport Show this year, Beumer Group Company, Crisplant, will demonstrate their latest in-tote automated baggage handling system. The system uses a ‘one-bag-one-tote’ idea to effectively allow the baggage to be checked-in, screened and sorted, then ‘tipped’ at the point of baggage discharge.

The new system, CrisBag, is easily integrated into new and legacy systems and is designed to give high levels of operational efficiency.

Other baggage handling systems providers, such as ARINC, believe that automated baggage handling systems should bring enhanced operational productivity to the airport terminal and allow effective screening to maintain optimal security, while streamlining the entire baggage handling process to offer comprehensive, end-to-end efficiency across the entire check in procedure.

Passengers have high expectations today of their travel arrangements. No longer are we prepared for long delays, queues and no longer is it necessary. With common use check in desks, self service kiosks and updated automated baggage handling, passenger check in queuing is becoming a thing of the past in airports, large and small, across the globe.