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Find Out More About Aviation Security SystemsAVSEC, this year’s IXG aviation security conference will be held in Dubai over two days – 16th and 17th September – and will discuss the latest security needs and requirements of the aviation industry in an exploration of how technology today can enhance the industry’s ability to meet the growing challenges in this sector.

Key topics will include an assessment of ‘new and evolving threats to civil aviation’, developments in technology, cyber security, emergency response and crisis management, ways to maintain a motivated security workforce and, perhaps most importantly for some, passenger processing and handling in a discussion entitled ‘Integrated Design for Aviation Security Systems’.

Throughout the world, aviation security systems are becoming increasingly automated, and there is a growing demand within the security sector for additional physical security equipment and systems to cope with the growth in passenger numbers. Providers of physical security systems for aviation are under pressure to provide systems integrating physical and cyber security measures for comprehensive protection against the threat of attack.

Global Providers of Cyber Security Solutions for Airports & FacilitiesThis September the platform will be open for a global aviation security discussion in Dubai as the Information Exchange Group announce the dates for the Aviation Security Conference 2015.

IXG has said that the conference will offer the most prominent platform for a ‘Discuss-Debate-Deliberate’ session on the most critical issues in the field of aviation security.

Topics to be aired will include the assessment of the latest threats to civil aviation, the industry’s technical developments and innovations, cyber security and crisis management amongst other subjects.

A panel of EMEA regional experts will attend and open the discussions.