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Advanced & Comprehensive Airports Security

As air travel grows significantly every year, so airports security becomes a bigger issue across the world.

Gulf States are making hearty investments into airport security for the entire network, encompassing physical perimeter security, security personnel and advanced camera technology in addition to information management and security.

Governments and aviation enforcement authorities are placing strict security requirements and measures to counter potential risks, threats and hazards before they occur, while keeping passenger inconvenience to a minimum.  A tall order in today’s busy airports.

Aviation and airports security companies have a huge responsibility to ensure flight safety, passenger and crew safety and the ability to anticipate threats before they happen.  This sector is big business, with an estimated global aviation security market value of $22 billion, but with Gulf passengers expected to total 450 million by 2020, it has never been more of a necessity to keep those passengers safe and moving on the ground and in the air.