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swiftbroadbandIndian exporters have asked the Bangladeshi government to urge the UK to lift the recently imposed cargo bans on direct flights from Dhaka, as they are worried about the economic implications for businesses who rely on exports to the UK and Europe.

The bans were issued by the UK Department for Transport due to a lack of international security requirements, particularly on cargo being transported on indirect routes.

Aviation security is an increasing challenge being faced by airlines and carriers all over the world, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent to ensure safe passage and to enhance border security.

Aviation security screening is also becoming more sophisticated, and providers of security systems are delivering solutions to cover both physical and biometric security for the aviation sector and for other critical facilities.

Security Solutions Providers for Mission Critical Facilities & AirportsFollowing a recent lecture arranged by the Aviation Security Department of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, security personnel compiled a list of new operational equipment that they say is needed to improve security to a level that can help to combat threats to nationwide aviation security.

The equipment list contains state-of-the-art screening facilities including scanners, operational vehicles and communications equipment in addition to a request for the installation of closed circuit television cameras.

Speaking through Mr Wendel Ogunedo, the director of aviation security for the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, the aviation security officers have expressed their concern over the trend of inadequacy in the areas of personnel training and obsolete technology in the wake of a growing threat to national security that is not unique to Nigeria.

In order for them to respond adequately, the security officers say that advancements must be made to upgrade their equipment and recruit additional personnel. Mr Ogunedo agreed and said the task of securing the airport from ‘unlawful interference by unauthorised persons’ would be best carried out with the addition of 1500 security personnel.

All across the globe, aviation security is under threat. Airports and other critical facilities can ensure security only with adequate equipment and personnel to undertake what is becoming a major, worldwide concern.

Leading Physical Airport Security ProvidersIn a project that is to start next year, Bangladesh will be investing $4m to improve security at four airports in a bid to bring a halt to smuggling.

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has issued approval for the improvements at Hazrat Shahjahal International and Hazrat Shah Amanat International Airports for the installation of primary and secondary surveillance radar in addition to a state-of-the-art security system at Shahjahal.

The project, named Bangladesh Airports Safety & Security System Improvement, will also see enhanced vehicle parking control systems, pedestrian access control, additional CCTV and baggage X-ray scanners, specifically designed to halt the gold smuggling activities that were reported earlier this year.

During the meeting, the ECNEC stated that to develop the system infrastructure for the airports would cost an additional $5m to the original estimate of $2m.

$4m will be sponsored by Denmark, and it will be left to the Bangladeshi Government to raise the additional required funds.

Physical airport security is growing increasingly necessary at airports across the globe. With the threat of terrorist movements and smuggling, airport security providers are searching the very latest technological advancements to ensure national security in addition to the safety of passengers, aircraft and flight crew.