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Providers of Advanced Airport Infrastructure SystemsU.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have spoken this month about the importance of pushing for resources for the country’s local airports and have confirmed that the Joseph Y. Resnick Airport in Warwarsing will receive $1.2 million for the US Department of Transportation to ensure vital airport upgrades and infrastructure are in place.

The upgrades will strengthen efficiency and enhance safety, particularly with the plans for lighting system upgrades for low-visibility conditions.

Airport efficiency and infrastructure systems can help small and medium-sized airports across the world to cope with increasing passenger traffic while maintaining security measures vital to their successful operation.

Complex Airport Infrastructure Improvements ProvidersPlans and proposals to upgrade Mandalay Airport have now been submitted to the Myanmar Investment Commission after receiving government approval last week.

Formal talks have been concluded and the agreement is to upgrade the airport to a logistics hub, requiring improvements to airport infrastructure, physical development and promotion of local airlines. Mitsubishi-Jalux and SPA Project Management won the project tender last year and will upgrade and manage the country’s second-largest airport once completed.

Infrastructure upgrades to airport operations involve a full-scale overhaul of messaging environments to allow maximum operational productivity both in the air and on the ground. Today, web-based messaging platforms give airports greater flexibility and can assist with streamlining both operations and costs.

To operate on a truly global scale, Mandalay Airport will benefit from the liberalisation of economic regulations and strengthening of air linkages between the country and other parts of Asia, Europe and the USA.