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Business Aviation News | EU Held Back by Regional Airport InfrastructureEBAA CEO, Fabio Gamba spoke out last week at a media event in Brussels, about the ‘lack of political will’ being at the root of the business aviation sector’s ability to make more use of regional airports in Europe.

With additional use of existing technology, business aviators would gain additional options in adverse weather conditions with restricted visibility – a system that is already deployed in the U.S.

Gamba criticised the policy-making officials in the EU for what he refers to as an ‘over-focus on the role of hub airports’, and urges them to ‘display greater political will’ for the promotion of the use of technology in regional airports, which will, in turn, lead to greater support.

Airport Security & Infrastructure Systems ProvidersIn a recent report released by Frost & Sullivan, it was predicted that global investment in airport security to reach more than $12 billion by 2023.

The aviation security sector achieved $8.22 billion in 2014 according to the report, ‘Global Airport Security Technology Market Assessment’ and estimate that cybersecurity spending will represent the fastest growth.

Airport perimeter security, command, control and integration technology, in addition to access control and surveillance, are predicted to attract the largest investments, as security concerns continue to rise across the world.

Other Leading Providers of Reliable Aviation Information Management SolutionsSATCOM Direct, satellite communications provider, has launched a new data centre solutions facility, TerraCom Direct, this month. The new wing of the company promises information security and monitoring for land, sea and air-based operators.

Jim Jensen, CEO and Founder of SATCOM Direct, said “Information security is a huge issue for businesses and individuals. Our new data center is the key to safeguarding connectivity and communications streams, and better securing the missions of our customers. SATCOM Direct and TerraCom Direct customers can have enterprise level security for air, land and sea.”

“The key advantage we have over other data solution providers is flexibility. We offer a wide range of connectivity options, so whether the client simply needs rack space, a private network, or full migration to the cloud, we have the expertise and the capabilities. With our highly-redundant infrastructure and 24/7 support, we do everything possible to ensure 100 percent uptime and uninterrupted service,” said Rich Pilock, president of TerraCom Direct.

Secure and reliable information management is critical to operational productivity and providers aim to establish seamless networks for the protection of mission and facility-critical information on a global scale.