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world-map-1112001-mRockwell Collins has announced that Air China has renewed its contract for ARINC GLOBALink, the leading air-ground data communications package, providing a secure messaging platform for critical inflight messaging.

Air China also has Rockwell Collins’ comprehensive communications suites, including VHF, SATCOM and HFDL to ensure coverage over a diverse range of aircraft communications.

The contract renewal comes in line with the plans that Air China has for expansion of its international routes and fleet.

More about aircraft data link CPDLC | Business Aviation BlogAs a part of the NextGen initiative, the text messaging capabilities of aircraft data link – CPLDC (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications) – are being hailed as the way forward in the bid to eradicate the use of voice communications for the transmission of critical aircraft communications such as weather data, position reporting and other ATC operational messages.

Under the new initiative, pilots will be able to ‘accept’ messaging over text, without the need to make a verbal or data-based response.

The NextGen initiative is designed to improve aircraft communications with the simplification of messaging, avoiding misinterpretation, and standardising messaging protocols on the flight deck.

HFDL Data to Help Global Flight TrackingSince the tragic disappearance of flight MH370 last year, the call for a reliable aircraft tracking solution has been heard across the aviation industry from regulators and airlines alike.

Today Rockwell Collins announced the launch of their latest offering, promising to deliver a cost-effective, comprehensive solution utilising multiple data sources to ‘reliably report the location of aircraft anywhere in the world’.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC messaging solutions have always been some of the most reliable in the world and used by airlines and operators globally for many years.

ARINC MultiLink will use a proprietary algorithm to merge six data sources, including:

  • ADS-B and ADS-C
  • High-Frequency Data Link (HFDL)
  • ACARS position reports
  • ASDI radar data
  • EUROCONTROL position information

In addition, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC MultiLink has been developed with the capacity to incorporate future data sources as they may become available.

Jeff Standerski, senior vice-president of Information Management Services for Rockwell Collins said, “In today’s global aviation environment, no single source of data is sufficient to track aircraft globally. By merging multiple data sources, many of which airlines already receive, we can automatically select the right combination of data feeds to allow airlines to pinpoint an aircraft’s location anywhere in the world, in the most economical way.”

Set to be available to airlines and operators in just a few short weeks, ARINC MultiLink will be offered as an add-on to Rockwell Collins’ current products or as a data feed that can be live-streamed to situational displays.