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swiftbroadbandIndian exporters have asked the Bangladeshi government to urge the UK to lift the recently imposed cargo bans on direct flights from Dhaka, as they are worried about the economic implications for businesses who rely on exports to the UK and Europe.

The bans were issued by the UK Department for Transport due to a lack of international security requirements, particularly on cargo being transported on indirect routes.

Aviation security is an increasing challenge being faced by airlines and carriers all over the world, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent to ensure safe passage and to enhance border security.

Aviation security screening is also becoming more sophisticated, and providers of security systems are delivering solutions to cover both physical and biometric security for the aviation sector and for other critical facilities.

Providers of physical security solutions for airports and facilities | Business Aviation NewsA market research report from Transparency Market Research has shown clear indication that the air transport security marketplace will continue to grow over the next five years at a rate of almost 11% CAGR.

According to the report, the growth will be largely due to the expansion of demand in the Asia Pacific region, but across the world, countries are clamping down on terrorism and ensuring passenger safety through both physical and cyber security improvements.

As investment is also increasing, the cost of upgrading air transport security systems is not expected to impact demand for enhanced surveillance, access control and biometric systems. Providers of physical security solutions for airports and facilities welcome the indicators for growth over the coming years.