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Other Providers of Cabin Management Systems | Business Aviation NewsCabin management systems on business jets have become as important to travellers as the stylish interiors, with demand rising for comparable comforts and connectivity as those of the best hotels.

Honeywell is offering upgrades for its analogue C-series systems, which will deliver digital capabilities over a three-phase upgrade that will include updated HD monitors and surround sound systems.

In-flight entertainment and integrated cabin management systems, such as Honeywell’s latest offering and others like Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect, which combines options for concierge services, cabin crew applications and opportunities for enhanced revenue, are giving corporate and commercial aircraft operators far greater choice than ever before.


Providers of Aviation Information Management Solutions | Business Aviation BlogNorwich International Airport pledged to update its security systems after an embarrassing incident this month when their website was hacked ‘within minutes’.

Airport operations director will look into replacing the system to include secure protocols as soon as possible. The hacker, who called himself ‘His Royal Gingerness’, claims he hacked into the site to ‘see if [he] could,’ in an alarming short space of two to three minutes. His Royal Gingerness will not reveal his true identity in case of prosecution, but says that he enjoys trying to find vulnerabilities in modern systems.

Providers of airport security systems software realise that vulnerabilities exist, and encourage airports to ensure robust networks to protect passenger and airline data.

Visit the Royal Jordanian Airlines Website | Business Aviation BlogRoyal Jordanian Airlines have selected a suite of ARINC GLOBALink services for aircraft communications for its entire fleet this week. GLOBALink, from Rockwell Collins, delivers VHF, HFDL and SATCOM communications to fulfil the requirements of the diverse fleet, which often travels over desert and oceanic routes that need a wider range of global communications solutions.

Royal Jordanian expanded earlier this year, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is the first ME carrier to select Rockwell Collins as its primary provider.

Cessna Citation Latitude from Textron Aviation | Visit the WebsiteThe latest Cessna Citation Latitude arrived in Dubai this week ahead of the opening of the business aviation industry’s prestigious air show. The business jet, recently earning FAA certification in June, is expected to be a popular choice in the region following the success of the Citation Sovereign.

EASA certification is expected by the end of 2015, which will open the European market to the luxury jet, equipped with a spacious cabin and touchscreen-controlled advanced flight deck.

AcrVisit the Acropolis Aviation website to view more images of the luxury airbusopolis Aviation, Farnborough, UK-based luxury Airbus charter provider, has received EASA approval for upgraded on-board Wifi and IFE systems.

Using a Rockwell Collins Skybox solution, Acropolis Aviation will be able to offer its passengers secure aircraft internet, in partnership with Satcom Direct’s SkyTicket.

Acropolis Aviation are pleased to offer the upgraded service and have enjoyed a ‘good working relationship’ with both companies.

Providers of information management and security solutions | Business Aviation BlogIt is with interest that the latest report from TechNavio entitled ‘Global Aerospace Components Aviation Security Market 2015-2019’ has been studies by the industry.

With global threats to the aviation security sector coming thick and fast, and not just focussing on physical security, but cyber security, airports infrastructure and information management, the industry is all too aware that the world is watching.

TechNavio predict that the global aviation security sector will continue to grow at a rate of just over 7% through the years 2014-2019. Increased investment is expected in biometrics technology, screening and the latest radio frequency identification (RFID).

Air Traffic Services | Integration of airport systems with industry providersDoubts about the viability of a new air traffic control system purchased three years ago to replace the outdated system at Hong Kong’s International Airport has led to criticism from the country’s lawmakers.

Safety, management, infrastructure and administrative issues must be resolved if the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department wish to be taken seriously. A series of mistakes have been made that are adding up financially, particularly the HK$575 million air traffic control system, which cannot be implemented due to the failure of safety tests.

As a modern international airport, and a hub for the region, the issues are a source of embarrassment for the government.