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ARINC’s EMEA Government & Security Division have installed its Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) messaging service to support a pilot Advance Passenger Information (API) message transmission project for the Cyprus Police and Civil Registry and Migration Department within the Ministry of Interior.

ARINC Advance Passenger Information System

ARINC Advance Passenger Information System








The APIS service was deployed to support evaluation of the use of API as part of enhanced border control in Cyprus. The project was conducted in full cooperation with the Cyprus Police and Civil Registry and Migration.

“ARINC greatly values the relationship we have established with the Cyprus Police and the research and development department” said Ray Batt, ARINC Director, Government & Security. “ARINC is eager to become an important technology partner with the Cyprus Police and Civil Registry and Migration Department at the Ministry of Interior and to further assist Cyprus in reaching its future border control objectives.”

“This APIS pilot system is based on our latest Advance Passenger Information eXchange (APIX) platform,” Batt continued. “We strongly believe that the future will demand a continuous increase in the integration of intelligence-led border control systems with advance border control information systems, using Advance Passenger Information (API). The use of API will help increase border security and make the process faster and simpler for the travelling public.”

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AVIC Aviation Techniques, China’s national aircraft manufacturer, has planned to develop a significant share of the business jet family.

By identifying demand for business jets amongst Chinese users AVIC hopes dominate the market, manufacturing them within China. A agreement was put in place 23rd March between Cessna and AVIC to manufacture Cessna’s Sovereign and Latitude mid-sized business jets in Chengdu.

AVIC President Wang Yawei said this week “We can’t only allow Western companies to sell aircraft in China. We want this business too. AVIC has the mandate to manufacture several types of business jets and establish our presence, just like what China has done in the motorcar business,” he said. “The rapid development of China’s economy has resulted in a boom in business aviation here, and we want to be competitive in the global market too.”

The plan is for the first Sovereign to roll off the Chengdu production line by the end of 2013, said Wang. Production of the Latitude, which Cessna first announced in 2011, could begin in around 2014 after it gets its certification. That year, AVIC and Cessna could begin studying the design of a large-sized business jet and start developing it in the middle of the decade, although no details were released on volumes of aircraft.